Since launching Kyber Research this past July, we have seen a significant number and range of clients utilize this unique firm to request and retrieve key public records from across the country:

  • So far, Kyber has worked on more than 70 projects across 34 U.S. states.

Clients have ranged widely, from corporate due diligence to background checks, litigation support, campaigns, and issue advocacy initiatives.

Today the Internet helps us accomplish virtually every task in life, and it can feel like all the information in the world is always available at our fingertips.

But in reality, there is a vast world of vitally important, primary source data that isn’t online – and may never be. These include key public records, including court filings, business filings, police reports, tax liens, property records, voting histories, and much, much more.

Gaining access to these public records helps ensure our clients are covering all their bases, with all the information they need for conducting corporate due diligence, litigation support, background checks, vetting, Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, and more.

Kyber’s network of public records specialists has deep experience in identifying, requesting, and retrieving public records across the U.S. and the world. Kyber has the expertise and reach to help you meet your objectives in a timely, organized, and comprehensive manner.

Please let us know if Kyber can be of service to you going forward.